Privacy statement

We respect Your privacy. Our main purpose in collecting information about users entering and using our site is mainly the care of better understanding Your needs to raise the quality of our services and developing the sites functionality. We will never provide any information about Your acticity or personal data to third parties without Your permission to do so.

Information that we collect

While Registering on the site You may be asked to provide some personal information such as Your name, email address etc. needed for services and tools on our site. We never collect data or information beside those, which You knowingly provided by Yourself. Always when requesting any information from You – You will be informed and explained why do wee need them, for what purpose and how the information will be further used, giving You the choice if You want that to happen or not.

Cookies and similar technologies.

Similar like most modern websites our site may use cookies. The purpose of that is colecting anonymous information about the users activity and preferences. Cookies are data files stored on Your computer. They identify you when You enter the service and help the site configuring and remembering You preferences to better fit Your needs while using our services or tools provided on the site. In limited instances third parties may be allowed to monitor avtivities on our site for purpose of user trafic reports, advertisments and statistics and other activities therefore saving cookie files on Your computer. We sometimes may also receive information like Your IP address, visited sites and keywords searched from Your computer and browser. All this information helps uis improving services with cusomizing advertising. You may always visit our site without using cookies. That can be done by entering You browser settings and not allowing cookie file usage, but when using this option we inform You that most of the tools on our site may not function properly in the future.

External links

Our site and company's buisness card may contain links to other websites. These sites may alo use cookies or collect information and personal data about You and Your activity, although we do not take responsibility for their usage by those sites. While entering an external site always check its privacy policy before advancing any steps, especially providing personal information.

Possible bussiness transfers

We inform that if in the future this site will be transfered or sold to a new owner, all data stored and contained on the site will be part of the transfer, including user personal information and preferences.

Future changes in our Privacy Policy

By using this website in any means and ways, You accept providing us with data and information as above, and accept all terms listed in our Privacy Policy and Terms of use. In the future due to the sites development and improvements, we may change this privacy policy at any time. If that happens the new statement will be always published on this site for You and other users to view.

When to seek any additional answers?

If You have any other questions or are not sure if You fully understand our Privacy policy, feel free to contact us by E-mail.